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Oude Boteringestraat 51, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Max Slame - vor 4 Wochen
Great store, with good service good selection
Eyrk - vor 4 Wochen
Fantastic service was really easy to buy stuff
eva bianchi - vor 1 Monat
Nice guys, very helpful and great stuff
Mario Zanetti - vor 1 Monat
Very friendly and helpful staff , very cool and diverse merchandise
Pascal Rosa - vor 1 Monat
Very nice Place to find some extras to have a better smoke experience
Sarah hck - vor 1 Monat
good advice and a large selection :)
Trevell Schrage - vor 2 Monaten
Great advice about the cbd. Great service. Really enjoyed talking to them! Had a great experience!
Натафей Хоруженко - vor 2 Monaten
Really cool place, nice vibe and a lot of staff
Phillip Ekwaro-Osire - vor 3 Monaten
Smart Farmers has a super diverse selection that include exclusive products like CBD herb and Mate tea. The staff are very chill and knowledgeable. Lowest Kratom prices in town.
Valentine depressed!painter - vor 3 Monaten
Nice shop! Has everything you need
Taylor Hodges - vor 3 Monaten
Friendly and informed staff, nice atmosphere and good variety! Would come again :)
Leon de Vos - vor 3 Monaten
Great Shop, great products, great service!
Sabina Radu - vor 3 Monaten
Guy at the shop was really friendly and helpful :) 100% recommend!!
orrin moore - vor 3 Monaten
Great shop great guys :)
Lucas Bulgarelli - vor 4 Monaten
Very good place!
Finn Brady - vor 4 Monaten
Super chill place, and the widest selection in Groningen!
Yasen Doichinov - vor 4 Monaten
Very nice place, friendly customer service
dominik2621999 - vor 5 Monaten
Very good shop also on public holidays
Koen Gierman - vor 5 Monaten
Beautiful store and super good help from the staff!
issie karsje - vor 9 Monaten
Delivery within 15 minutes and immediately helped with questions. love you! Stay high and love
Hababy Marosh - vor 10 Monaten
Very nice
Thomas Steur - vor 10 Monaten
Nice tidier shop with an enthusiastic owner who is happy to explain things.
Dian Lasut - vor 11 Monaten
This is the first smartshop I've been to with so much variety, really recommended!
Jan Westra - vor 1 Jahr
Super neat shop! Very large assortment, you can find everything here!
Mohammad Shugri - vor 1 Jahr
Very friendly people, nice shop and everything I need. Good shopping experience and worth repeating.

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