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Steentilstraat 24, Groningen (Binnenstad)

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Urbex - vor 9 Monaten
Andreas Nitsche - vor 10 Monaten
Nice Vape Shop and friendly helpful Seller. I was happy to find it. A great choice of Liquid and Aroma. I recommend this shop.
Yannick - vor 11 Monaten
Friendly service, not entirely out of the way given it's near the city centre, and the staff is nice! Prices comparable to any other store, and happy to help you make a selection if you're not sure that to buy.
Mustafa DEMIROZ - vor 1 Jahr
Good place for vapes, lots of choices good prices.
Master Exploder - vor 2 Jahren
Friendly staff
Małgorzata - vor 3 Jahren
Very friendly and helpful staff and a large selection of items and juices.
Mariyan Nakev - vor 3 Jahren
Super helpful and nice staff, you will find almost anything you might need for your vape. If you are new to vaping, they will help you out to get started & tell you everything you need to know!
Nathan Dijkstra - vor 3 Jahren
Really helpful and fun people working there. Nice range of flavours.
bryan van tol - vor 4 Jahren
Always a large stock, very friendly and helpful people and overall a great atmosphere
Philip Dyson - vor 4 Jahren
Best vape store in Groningen, has all your vape liquids and many vaporiser kits and mods.
Oscar Fonseca - vor 4 Jahren
Nice place, the staff is really nice and they explain in detail whatever you ask. They even adviced me not to buy a specific product and asked for my number to notify me when the new and better product will arrive
Stan van der Bend - vor 5 Jahren
Really like the customer service here, got a lot of poduct specific information that would have cost me hours to figure out on myself. Worth the extra costs.

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