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meneer Bitcoin - vor 10 Monaten
I find it hard to find
Myriam Groen - vor 1 Jahr
M B van Vugt - vor 2 Jahren
Ample parking in a quiet neighborhood
rodney petzinger - vor 2 Jahren
Real toppers take their time for you and you will be treated well, really a top shop
Otje Junior - vor 3 Jahren
Sinds er een nieuwe eigenaar op zit, ben ik vaste klant geworden. Ga zo door heren.
Martin van der Hulst - vor 3 Jahren
Goede growshop met uitgebreid assortiment. Personeel met humor. Alles verkrijgbaar voor mensen met "groene vingers" :-)
Esl De palm - vor 4 Jahren
Super fijnen winkel, je word goed geholpen altijd veel op voorraad! Sinds kort nieuwe eigenaar tien keer beter! Groetjes
roelof bakker - vor 4 Jahren
A Veenstra - vor 4 Jahren
Very customer-friendly and great travel these people understand their products. You get a lot of advice, and the more you purchase the more discount you get. Fair is fair nowhere else have got so much discount and advice! definitely recommend! I will come back again for sure!
Henk - vor 4 Jahren
All seems beautiful, but appearances can be deceiving. Prices are unusually expensive. And 9 out of 10 times an item is out of stock. If you are needed, nice promises are made about fast delivery "available tomorrow", the next day you will come again and it is still not there. As soon as you enter you just notice that the atmosphere is unpleasant. They make a lot of dirty money, that is clear, but to disguise this a bit to the outside world or to ordinary customers, hoo.
Lina Hellfire - vor 4 Jahren
Not a nice vibe.
Johan - vor 5 Jahren
Rotten shop, there are no price tags anywhere and they come up with a much too expensive price on the spot. Product costs 3x more than in other stores (5-15 euros) and also does not do what they promised it would. Used exactly as they prescribed. Simply order online or find another store.

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