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Vision Cookies 3 seeds

€ 22,50

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Vision Cookies Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Vision Cookies is for anyone in search of a precise, strong strain that smells like melons, peach and tastes like berries. This strain is perfect for stress relief with uplifting and euphoric effects. Vision Cookies averages to ~20% THC levels, which are high enough to deliver good yields - up to 800g/plant if the conditions are right! Plan your next outing with pleasure and delight, to arrive home from work feeling rejuvenated and happy! Vision Cookies Cannabis Strain will be leaving you with a desire to delve into yourself. Enjoy the meaning of life through this wonderful strain for intense mental change. This strain is excellent for almost any climate. As she grows extremely well outside, so too will her yields! Vision Cookies is a perfect choice for those looking for a less intense but still very potent lady that has a fruity aroma and can produce harvests starting at 800 grams per plant. Ideal for total stress relief, these cannabis cookies will deliver an uplifting euphoria that will leave you pleasantly amazed! Enjoy the taste of melon, peach, and berries in this amazing strain.