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Compromise CBD (v2) 10 Seeds (€40.00)

Amsterdam Genetics

€ 40,00

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Amsterdam Genetics’ Second Version CBD Seeds Discover Amsterdam Genetics’ first CBD strain to be released as feminized seeds. Compromise CBD v2 is still being developed. But as we’re eager to receive feedback from home growers, we decided to release a LIMITED AMOUNT of affordable seeds of this strain onto the market.   Compromise CBD v2 is a CBD dominant cannabis strain, testing at roughly 8,3 % CBD and 0,6 % THC. Respectively providing a 1:20   THC:CBD ratio. Thanks to a low amount of the psychoactive compound THC, Compromise CBD v2 is perfectly suited for medicinal cannabis users. As it will provide relief, without getting consumers ‘high’ or ‘stoned’.   Compromise CBD v2 seeds offer regular-sized cannabis buds with an earthy and herbaceous taste; and subtle hints of dried fruit. Though we rely on YOUR FEEDBACK for a more detailed description of the plant’s grow characteristics in different environments. The effect when smoked can best be described as a light relaxation of the body and mind, without the heavy sedation as that of THC-dominant cannabis. As said, Compromise CBD v2 is ideal for medicinal use, for example with pain, depression and fatigue. Though this CBD strain is also suitable for lighter recreational use and can be used as an alternative for tobacco in joints / spliffs. Combined with high-THC cannabis, Compromise CBD v2 will provide indica-leaning effects. Making it perfect to ‘take the edge’ off of sativa-dominant, sometimes ‘jumpy’, cannabis strains.