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Choco Bud 3 seeds

€ 22,50

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Choco Bud Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds With a higher CBD level, Choco Bud cannabis strain is potent for easing many bodily ailments. With 160-180 g/m2 yields, this beauty will definitely make you fall in love with the way she grows! The main focus of anyone who has ever grown her is undoubtedly how amazing she tastes. When dried and cured before consumption, expect to find chocolate/caramel taste infused into every puff of this herb. With characteristics reminiscent of Sour Diesel which is fun and cerebral, to Purple Kush which provides the body buzz that makes you feel all happy inside, to other heavy-handed strains like Strawberry Moonshine or Tahoe OG Kush to deliver an ever-escalating head rush that leaves your mind clear as can be. Great choice.