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Auto Vision Kush 3 seeds

€ 17,50

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Auto Vision Kush Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Meet the queen of big yields, Vision Kush Auto Cannabis Seeds. Even though this is an autoflowering plant, it will finish flowering in under 12 weeks! Once you get your hands on one of these 200 cm plants you will never grow anything else. Plus, she’s not at all shy with her THC content clocking in at 19%. She has a strongly Indica dominance making her perfect for pain relief and sleepy time if smoked during the day or relaxing before bedtime if smoked out late night. These crazy weed seeds are known for bigger yields that you can grow out either indoors or outdoors. If You want to get the most potent Kush autoflowering strain with an average THC of 19% then you should plant these cannabis seeds now! These marijuana seeds will give you better results because it is stronger and the high lasts longer than other standard weed strains. Gethelp with the relief of pain, insomnia, depression, lack of appetite, among others by growing this fast-growing cannabis for yourself.