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Auto Gelato

€ 40,00

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Autoflowering Gelato Cannabis Seeds from Chronic Caviar (USA) - 5 Seeds Do you want a cannabis strain capable of delivering it all without feeling too much buzzed from being over stimulated, or paranoid from being over-stimulated by THC that your euphoria turns into a downward spiral to paranoia and anxiety? Look no further because Auto Gelato Seeds are here, bringing sweet taste and cold high in every puff. Unique frosted cannabis seed with ultra high THC and moderate CBD content. These seeds tend to be more visually appealing during various stages of their life thanks to its uniquely mutated genetics. These buds will seem like frosted-colored biomorphs, and up close it reveals an electric green and purple background coloration that is shown on the end of each hair-like stem—these little awesomazing mutants come alive when lit by a black light! Put simply: you haven't experienced heirloom pot until you've dabbled in Auto Gelato weed!