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1e Middellandstraat 81A, Rotterdam (Delfshaven)

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Robert Bloemers - vor 3 Wochen
Top shop
Kozarobimuu - vor 3 Monaten
Really good smartshop! I bought wet truffles almost out of date, day after eating them i come to talk with owner. He accepted the return and i choosed another one without paying.
Dr Scrooge - vor 1 Jahr
Great shop and super friendly staff!
Valentin Vogel - vor 1 Jahr
I'm really happy, that I found this store after looking for truffles for a while. They were really friendly to us as well and gave some great tips regarding the dose
ShaiN N - vor 1 Jahr
Nice staff and really big Sortiment of different smoke articles and truffles. Edibles papes everything
MironTu - vor 1 Jahr
Its best Smart shop in my area big thank you !
Chillingwith The pigeon - vor 2 Jahren
Amazing bongs and edibles, small but a lot of things!! Super friendly worker even gave us discounts
Renata Gulyas - vor 2 Jahren
I was looking for kratom. They've got it. Recommended!
Sir Xandros - vor 3 Jahren
-- SELLING EXPIRED MUSHROOMS. AVOID. -- (photo attached) Came saturday at 21:30 (opens until 22), it was already closed. Come next day and speaking english, shop employee figures he can give me expired product because well, I'm not from Rotterdam. So, I don't even think checking the date on the box until I come home (not in the NL), and I see the boxes EXPIRED 2 DAYS AGO ! I call the shop, they tell me that unless I come back to Rotterdam to give them the boxes back, they will not reimburse me. I don't even live in the Netherlands ... How nice, well done for you...
Eliott Sommade - vor 3 Jahren
Super nice guy, good advice, great price, choukran khouia
Richard Schulz - vor 3 Jahren
Nice variety of rolling papers and great staff!
Noha Amer - vor 3 Jahren
Cheapest, nicest and friendliest smartshop in Rotterdam. Easy to find and to access, this smartshop has a wide choice of papers, grinders, lighters, truffles and much more. The owner is really nice, polite and tourists friendly. He will not hesitate to guide you or answer your questions! About 10minutes away from the central train station, do not hesitate to stop by!
Call me SUGAR DIY - vor 3 Jahren
Super friendly staff
Siwaporn P. - vor 3 Jahren
Super friendly staff
Adil Akrouh - vor 4 Jahren
Very nice place
Andrea t - vor 4 Jahren
Super friendly staff and lots of options

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