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Vision Gorilla 5 seeds

€ 38,00

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Product information

Vision Gorilla Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds Vision Gorilla is a super mega powerful marijuana strain with up to 25% THC which makes her a perfect choice for those in search of "real heavy hitters" with high yields. This girl can grow big and tall, giving off earthy aromas that will have you wondering about how it would feel to take a bite out of this green gorilla. This strain is the come-up of all come-ups, man! The taste alone will make you feel like an instant wayfarer in a land where glorious mountains and sparkling rivers cover; it'll knock you off your feet and leave you feeling like a stone statue. You may even start to wonder if you're real or not: that's how Vision Gorilla Cannabis Strain makes its users think. With high potency levels up to 25% THC, this girl can grow big and jolly with huge chunky resin coated buds coming out from all over her long frame, she's no stranger to growing tall either. Typically bred for those looking for "real heavy hitters" who want potent cannabis strains with higher yields, we recommend giving this lady