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Rasta Cannabis Leaf Big Rolling Tray 1x Rolling Tray

€ 15,00

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Product information

What is a rolling tray? A Rolling tray is a perfect tool for daily stoners and overall, smokers who get mess all around the house. You know what we are talking about - pieces of rolling papers, tiny specs of weed or tobacco, tips, and all other "rolling leftovers". Treat yourself with a rolling tray and you will solve two issues at the same time - you will be able to roll directly inside or on top of your rolling tray. You will also be able to put your rolling papers, tips, grinder, stash boxes and all other smoking supplies inside the tray. Then simply store them there until you need them again. This smoking-oriented tray is a must because rolling joints involve so many different smoking supplies. With a rolling tray, you will keep them in one place, furthermore, you will have less mess around the house when rolling on top of your rolling tray. Different rolling tray sizes There are two main tray sizes - small and big. Choose small if you roll tiny spliffs alone and consider yourself a tidy roller. Choose big if you also roll joints for your friends or simply feel like you are a messy roller overall. In theory, we always recommend a big rolling tray for everyone but feel free to choose a small rolling tray if you feel that a tiny tray is enough.