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Mckennaii Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Large 2100cc

€ 60,00

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Product information

Magic Mushroom Growing Kit (Small, Medium or Large) - Mckennaii Strain For the spiritual seeker who is not afraid to go out and find their own path, this magic mushroom will take them on a journey of self-discovery. If you name some magic mushrooms after the tripping grandfather himself, be sure that those willing to try these psychedelic fungi are sure to bring an intense spirituality with each trip! McKennaii grows fast and strong! The world's most powerful magic mushroom strain that will take you to the most peculiar places of your mind. Start growing them with our grow kit today. All customers will receive a fully colonized substrate (rye) with easy-to-use instructions - all they need is clean hands, patience and some water. With McKennaii growing takes less than two weeks so don't wait before you get ready to conquer space and time with these dear little friends of ours!