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B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Large 2100cc

€ 60,00

Seller: headshop.nl

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Product information

Magic Mushroom Growing Kit (Medium or Large) - B+ Strain Have you ever wanted to grow your own magic mushrooms? If so, then the B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit is perfect for you! This kit comes with everything you need to start growing these beautiful and potent psychedelic fungi. You'll have a steady supply of fresh mushrooms every time because they're grown in your own home. Plus, it's super easy - very low maintenance required to grow your own magic mushrooms! It's never been easier or cheaper than now to get started on growing your very own magic mushroom crop at home! With the B+ Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, all you need are some basic household items and a minute of free time each day. Order yours today!

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