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Tom Kush OG 5 seeds

€ 30,00

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Tom Kush OG Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds There's only one Tom Kush OG and this is it! Expect an energizing mixture of both sativa and indica genetics that provide a pleasant high without too overwhelming psychoactive effects. As you can guess this bad boy is very potent and kicks harder than most other strains on the market. There's nothing better to put you in a good mood for the day than this! Bred by Vision Seeds, Tom Kush OG Cannabis Strain is an amazingly fun and energizing strain that'll make your clients feel amazing. Whether it be treating stress or anxiety or meandering around with no worries, these buds are sure to provide anything your customers are looking for—a wonderful smoke session all the way through. This bewitching kush is the perfect tool for intense anxiety. Your day is going to feel so much brighter after you spend some time with this gem! This powerful pot combines the piney, citrus flavours of OG Kush with a mix of earthy woodiness and as an added bonus - she’s not gonna leave you feeling foggy-headed. Oh no! She may just shake that stress off your weary shoulders and deliver on those happy vibes we all need sometimes. Great and powerful plant!