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Tristan van den Elzen - 1 month ago
Leuke plek met hele gezellige en behulpzame bediening. Groot compliment aan Pim!
Abdi Hassan - 1 month ago
Nice and stable shop! i especially like that bald guy behind the till with a really nice smile when i enter the store. really great guy!!!! A small minus point for that gay with a tail and always wearing a hat. Hence the 4 stars. Greetings rimon44
SpiKerr - 2 months ago
Nicolae George Ionita - 8 months ago
Stefano Leijtens - 9 months ago
Slechte smartshop verkoopt niet eens 1 doos vloei
pim van orsouw - 11 months ago
Stable place
deejay the wolf - 11 months ago
Super vriendelijk en erg goed spul
Stef Meeuwsen - 1 year ago
Zaadjes zijn verouder.d en werken niet meer. Terug gegaan en niets terug gekregen. Oplichters zijn het!
tineke de wit - 1 year ago
Top service
Nancy Stigter - 1 year ago
Beautiful shop, wide range! Good advice from customer-friendly staff.
amy deelen - 1 year ago
Very neat shop. Friendly staff with product knowledge.
Shai Ramsahai - 1 year ago
Large uncluttered store. Extensive range and good help from the seller! Nice guy. I will definitely come back here again
K B - 1 year ago
Hippie Chick Star Stuff - 1 year ago
Beautiful shop and very customer-friendly, good advice. Toppie.

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