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White Widow 5 seeds

€ 25,00

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White Widow Cannabis Seeds from Vision Seeds If you need a good time, this is the right bud for your day. Abiding by its name 'White Widow' aptly gives off an intense projection of white glistening trichomes that are far more powerful than most other strains on the market. The strain will leave any user charmed and relaxed while getting them interested in new things at the same time! And it's also great for helping with appetites! There's a reason the plant is called white widow, with it's high amount of trichomes and potency. Coming from sativa and indica cross breed, this strain deserves to be one of your favorites. Expect a very relaxing puff, with some mood-enhancing effects, plus thoughts about trying new things - all without that deep lethargic feeling on top of it. The name may come from what you'll "wish" for after the first time we blaze this baby up!