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Mexicana 20 grams

€ 22,50

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Psilocybe Mexicana Magic Truffles These magic truffles, created in the land of the Aztecs and Maya, are a trip worth trying! Mexicana Magic Truffles contain only Psilocybe Mexicana strain and come with effects that are mild but great. You'll go on a colorful journey through sensations and see joyous sights like you never have before. You can't get any more diverse than these mixed-up Mexican magic truffles! Magically tasty, these hot Mexicans are perfect for your first time with hallucinogenic truffles. These Mexicana Magic Truffles will give you a taste of everything magic truffles have to offer but at a milder intensity. Get ready to experience one of the more colorful and fun adventures possible! For those looking to get lit for the first time, Mexicana magic truffles are the perfect product for you. They are a bit stronger than Tampanensis and a bit milder than Atlantis truffles . Its mild effects won't leave you feeling overwhelmed and they taste phenomenal! Ride these Mexican waves until your heart's content with this lighthearted yet zany psychedelic experience. Eating psychedelic truffles for the first time can be intimidating, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for blandness. With this in mind, we've got a soft strain of our favorite magic truffle strains that are perfect for beginners -- they'll get your feet wet and present an impressive rainbow around your head! Mexicana Magic Truffles are so mild and sweet, yet still pack enough oomph to make it fun too. Just be careful, this pack is 20 grams, so if you take all of it - expect a big kick and the kick will come asap! Doesn't this sound strong and intense for you? Take a look at Mushrocks , Dragon's Dynamite or High Hawaiians instead.