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Dutch Dragons 15 grams

€ 20,00

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Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles Dutch Dragons are the best fun truffles in Amsterdam. These strong psilocybe truffles with their explicit psychedelic effects are perfect for long days with friends, or just relaxing at home on a Saturday afternoon—especially when it’s King’s Day! Dutch Dragons magic truffles are fairly similar to Dragon's Dynamite and are made to be strong, yet served in moderate amounts... Which makes them cheerful and perfect for any occasion. This is a lighthearted product that will deliver an amazing experience! Dutch Dragons are the perfect party truffle for those who want a good time without being too overwhelmed by their psychedelic experience. These trippy treats will give you plenty of euphoria and energy with some mind effects to boot, but they’re not so potent that you get socially frustrated in larger groups! Dutch Dragons Magic Truffles are a limited edition truffle that comes in intense orange color. However, they only come as 15-gram packages - perfect for those who want to have more of a social experience without getting too high on the psychonaut scale! Not intense enough? Try the mightyHigh Hawaiians truffles instead.