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Colombian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Large 2100cc

€ 60,00

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Magic Mushroom Growing Kit (Small, Medium or Large) - Colombian Strain Do you want to grow your own magic mushrooms? Colombian magic mushrooms are the perfect way to escape from your daily life and give yourself an enlightening experience. They're a medium-strength, very spiritual strain that can be found in larger quantities for those seeking more of a soul-searching adventure! Colombian magic mushrooms are a great choice for those looking to have fun with their friends and family. Known as one of the most spiritual strains, Colombian's mild dose is perfect if you're hoping to get philosophical in large doses. These adventurous mushrooms are not fast growers but will be worth waiting on! Colombian magic mushrooms are the best choice if you're looking for a medium potent social mushroom. Known to be very spiritual in large doses, this strain is one of the most social and mildly philosophical, energy-filled psychedelic mushrooms in its mid-strength range. They may not grow as fast as other strains but their wait will definitely be worth it!