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Cambodian Magic Mushroom Paddo Grow Kit Large 2100 cc

€ 59,95

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Cambodian Mushroom Growkit (Medium or Large) Cambodia Cubensis was originally harvest by John Allen while in Cambodia filming some of the psilocybe mushrooms. Go on an unforgettable journey with the Cambodian mushroom. It’s not the strongest mushroom of all the mushrooms but it’s a great intense trip. The Grow Kit is already 100% colonized. The All-in-one grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own. Just add water and follow the instructions and the shrooms will sprout!. The All-in-one grow kit contains the grow kit, a grow bag with air filters and two paper clips. Freshly packed All our Magic Mushroom Growkits are freshly packed and is best to grow as soon as you receive them, in a clean environment. Unopened, you can keep the growkit in your fridge for about 3 months. Outside the fridge the kit has a limited shelf life. Please maintain a strict sterile and clean environment to avoid contamination. We do not give refunds to mushroom growkits, due to they're short-life and vulnerable nature that can be influenced by environmental factors. You always need to threat your magical mushroom growkit in a clean and sterile environment. Excellent strain for medium experienced users! Enjoy growing your Magic Mushrooms!