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Cambodian Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Large 2100cc

€ 60,00

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Magic Mushroom Growing Kit (Medium or Large) - Cambodian Strain Do you want to grow your own psychedelic mushrooms? Cambodian magic mushrooms are a slower, but really steady growing cubensis psychoactive mushroom substrain. You can always rely on the little guys to be there on time and in the quantities you expected! Cambodian magic mushrooms are perfect for any curious beginner or even experienced psychonaut! The Cambodian's have been noted as having medium potency levels - which means that if you choose them, expect full-spectrum psychedelic effects with this strain of psychoactive fungi. The easiest (and cheapest!) way to grow your own Cambodian Cubensis magic mushrooms is by using the new all in one, ready-to-grow kits! These have never been easier - with a maintenance-free kit that anyone can use and start their fungi at the comfort of their home. It doesn't get easier than this!